Caroline’s Promise and Guatemala

Serving and partnering in Guatemala over the past 15 years has given Caroline’s Promise the opportunity to develop leaders, inspire entrepreneurship, and equip educators in several communities. With empowerment of local leaders at our core, many programs have been developed--ones that are sustainable because of the strength of our partners. Our Caroline’s Promise team on the ground in Guatemala consists of community leaders who serve their neighbors consistently.  Several of our team members were actually students in our child sponsorship program.  We are encouraged by this team’s willingness to partner and we depend greatly on their insight as we make sure we are meeting needs in the best way possible. 

Our partnerships include teaming up with local leaders serving the town of Gerona (see the video for a glimpse into daily life there); partnering with Proyecto Oportunidad working in San Nicolas and surrounding rural areas focused on education, discipleship and skill building.

Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship is at the core of Caroline's Promise ministry.  Our sponsorship programs, while similar to others, are unique in sponsor's are able to meet and build relationships personally with the children and their families while participating in our short term mission trips.  For as little as $1.33 a day ($40 a month), sponsors make a direct impact on the children and their families.  Sponsorship provides necessities for the children and families including food quarterly and, as needed, shoes, school supplies, and more.  As you can imagine, sponsors are always needed.  Would you like to make an impact in someone's life?  Click here to learn more


Even at a young age, lies of the enemy and the pressures of life can block out the voice and the hope of the Father. Camps are prepared in prayer and in anticipation of that hope being restored through various activities, games, teachings, and celebrations. Each camp has a specific life-giving theme at its core, which is achieved by incorporating talents and passions of team members and leaders in the community. 


She Thrives

She Thrives,  our women's outreach, involves investing in and empowering the women of the communities. This is accomplished by developing and delivering women's retreats, educational seminars (such as on parenting, horticultural, entrepreneurship), helping them find their passions and equipping them to pursue those passions.  

He Thrives

He Thrives, our men's outreach, includes discipleship, developing job skills, educational opportunities and leadership development. Men on our short term mission teams spend intentional time with the local men discipling them in their roles as husbands, fathers and leaders in their communities.

Clean Water Initiative

Life saving water filters and training is continuously being provided to the communities we partner with in Guatemala. These filters provide a sustainable solution for access to safe and clean water - a million gallons worth. They are easy to use; however, they are modeled after kidney dialysis and are extremely effective.